Interesting Facts about Dallas

Interesting Facts about Dallas

Dallas is a city situated in the state of Texas, United States. Famous for its hot, humid summers and cowboys, Dallas is a large metropolitan city sitting on the ninth ranking of the most populated cities of United States. The city has a unique and rich history. Its captivating multicultural heritage displays diversity. There are several fascinating and intriguing facts about Dallas and its history. You can run all different kinds of software but some of the best are in dallas.

1. The Country’s biggest arts district is in Dallas

Planned and built in the year 2009, the Dallas Arts District is the largest in the country. Located in the centre of downtown Dallas, this arts’ district is constructed to cover up to 19 major city blocks on approximately 70 acres of land. Keep in mind that top of the line software was used to build up the art district.

Here, you will come across various history museums and venues showcasing different phases of the history of United States. Also it consists of many arts galleries celebrating different heritages and genres of fine art. We can safely refer to it as the melting point of the United States heritage.  Here is a look through the Dallas Art District. Some of the best software development has been used to create the the best areas in Dallas.

2. The famous “German chocolate cake” was first made in Dallas.

“German chocolate cake” is one of the most popular cakes in United States. As the name suggests, it is widely believed that the cake has is origin in the German dessert cuisine. But contrary to this popular belief, this cake was actually first made in Dallas by a baker named Sam German.

The dessert mainly got popular when its recipe was published as the “Recipe of the Day” by Dallas Morning Star, back in the year 1957.

3. The first margarita machine was invented in Dallas.

A local restaurant owner of Dallas was the first person who invented the “frozen margarita machine” over four decades back. By taking inspiration from Slurpee machine at 7-Eleven, the owner of the restaurant Mariano Martinez made advancements in a used soft-serve ice cream machine to build a machine for producing frozen margarita.

This ingenuous piece of work would help in producing the drink in large quantities. Martinez’s creation resulted in making the frozen margarita the most famous alcoholic drink in United States.

4. The microchip was first created in Dallas.

In the year 1958, an employee called Jack S. Kilby of the famous Texas Instruments company was the one to create a microchip. This microchip turned out to be the greatest innovation in the field of electronics.

This chip then contributed towards the advancement and creation of the technology used in personal computers and mobile phones. Jack S. Kilby has also helped in the invention of various other technologies such as thermal printer and handheld calculators. If you want to learn more about app development you can check here.

How to Improve your Tennis Game

How to Improve your Tennis Game

Tennis is a great way to keep active, and it’s a sport enjoyed by millions of people across the world. Like many sports, it’s a competitive game, and winning feels a whole lot better than losing. How do you increase your chances of winning? By increasing your skill. This article will focus on some tips and guidelines to show you how to improve your tennis game.

How to Improve Your Tennis Game: Tips and Tricks


This tip may seem obvious, but it’s important to stress that there’s no magical solution to improving your tennis game. More time on the court will result in better results for your games. The best tennis players in the world have talent, but they also have an extreme amount of dedication and put in an extreme amount of house practicing.

It’s not necessary to devote your life to tennis to improve your game, but just spending more time will lead to more wins overall.

Vary Your Opponents

A lot of us have a few partners that we play with over and over again. After a time, you unintentionally begin to adjust your reactions specifically for that group of people. When you’re pitted against a new opponent after playing the same person for months or even years, your game will suffer due to those mannerisms you previously acquired.

Focus on varying and expanding your pool of opponents for a more well-rounded game. Combining increased practiced with varied opponents is an excellent way to improve.

Improve Your Fitness

Tennis is a great way to stay in shape, and it’s possible to build a great body just from spending a lot of time on the court and watching what you eat. The best players build muscle and endurance outside of the court, however. Consider taking up weight training or going on runs to build your endurance. A better body with more strength and endurance leads to a better game. Better physical fitness than your opponent is a great way to make a big difference, even if you’ve stalled while trying to work on increasing your skills.

It’s a Marathon, Not a Race

It’s important to realize the learning how to improve your tennis game and putting that knowledge into action is a long term process. Expecting to suddenly get miles better at the game over the course of just a couple weeks is just setting yourself up for disappointment. Keep your expectations realistic and apply the tips from this guide, and over time you should see marked improvement in your tennis game. We’ve given you the knowledge you need to start improving, so get out there and play today!